We’ve provided some links to some of the data and data sources we’ve used to help us get a better understanding of the area in which we’re working on this page.  If you think we should add a link here let us know by using #ChapelStreetBiz on Twitter, call us on 0161 278 2519 or email info@chapelstreet.org.


Companies House

OS Open Data

English indices of deprivation and DCLGapps

ETHPOP database

Consumer Data Research Centre


UK Census Data

Open Geography portal



UK Data Service

Data GM

Cycle Streets

Open Prescribing

Salford’s development plan 

Salford 2025

As well as looking at raw data, and of course collecting our own, we looked at a lot of literature to help us better understand how we could provide support to individuals, businesses and community groups in this particular area of Salford.  Some of the work that helped us shape our activities is listed below.

How cities can connect people in poverty with jobs, Joseph Rowntree Foundation

LEED Programme

The Economies of Deprived Neighbourhoods

Various New Economy publications

Talent, opportunity, and engagement are essential to successful cities

Five cities, 55 projects: Mapping ‘good’ local economics in the UK

Overcoming deprivation and disconnection in UK cities

Some of the data we’ve collected throughout the course of this project includes:

SME survival rates

We’re happy to share anonymised versions of this data on a case-by-case basis – contact jonmonk@thebusinessgroup.org for further details.





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